PolySprint™ Belt

With the QuickFlex splicing system no adhesives are necessary which means fast and simple installation.


POLYSPRINT™ belts are produced using a wide variety of material combinations such as thermoplastic polyurethane, nitrile rubber and elastic fabrics and feature varied surface constructions from smooth to structured. POLYSPRINT™ belts are available with a variety of covers and carcasses ensuring a belt that is perfect for the chosen application.

The QuickFlex splicing system requires no adhesives for joining and is easy and fast. This range provides excellent dimension stability and is highly suitable for small pulley diameters. POLYSPRINT™ belts are suitable for high speed and use the unique Nitta NBR rubber with fine textured surfaces.


The POLYSPRINT™ range of printing industry tapes are ideally suited for the graphic arts and paper converting industries. Specifically the POLYSPRINT™ range of belts is ideal for feeding, folding and packaging and are installed in printing (web) folders, print finishing applications, packaging machines, live roller and textile applications.