CFTG Belt Series

Nitta’s aramid flat belt CFTG belt series uses a specialised production technique for a range of lowest stretch polyurethane and rubber covered products. The CFTG belt series is specially constructed for long life and quiet operation.


CFTG belts are renowned for their high and reliable performance with small take-up for tensioning and featuring a quick and easy jointing method. These belts are permanently anti-static with low noise emission and low power loss; they offer reduced elongation and run true and straight. Extruded with integral v-guide giving long lengths with a single splice. CFTG belts are finger-spliced using quick-melt process for reduced splice failure. Capped edges greatly reduce the likelihood of edge fray.


CFTG belts are used for material handling in the textile, printing and book binding industries. Rubber-covered CFTG belts are designed for use in tangential drive applications for the textile industry. The uniquely designed CFTG-18SG polyurethane v-guide conveyor belt has repeatedly proven its superiority over every competitive belt used in the printing industry.