What we offer

With 30 years in the industry, Paul Eddy and Alan Charlton are two of the UK’s most qualified, experienced and professional post press engineers.
Now Managing Directors of APR Solutions Ltd, Paul and Alan are uniquely positioned to:

  • Supply, fit and install a comprehensive range of post press and finishing sector machines at highly competitive prices
  • Provide a full servicing, maintenance and repair package offering you peace of mind
  • Deliver customised belt fabrication so that you get exactly what you need to run your business efficiently and reliably
  • Provide expert on-site training for your most valuable asset: your staff

Working together as APR Solutions Ltd since 2012, Paul and Alan are a highly motivated and skilled partnership, committed to providing outstanding customer service to their clients


The specialists at APR Solutions Ltd are highly-skilled, qualified, factory-trained technicians who are able to supply, move, install and re-commission machines. With a flexible approach and can-do attitude, they will discuss your needs with you and formulate a plan to ensure that the process causes minimal disruption to your business.

Service and repair

APR Solutions Ltd have extensive knowledge of post press equipment which enables them to carry out full servicing and repair of equipment in the print finishing industry
You can rely on APR Solutions Ltd to respond to emergencies on a call-out basis but for greater peace of mind, you can sign-up to a customised service package, specifically designed to meet the needs of the customer and the machine.

An APR Solutions Ltd service contract is an excellent way of ensuring that your equipment is regularly maintained to the highest performance standards. Service contracts are flexible and can be time-based or based on machine usage and output.

Over a 30-year industry career, Paul and Alan have installed, serviced, maintained and repaired an extensive range of machines from the mechanical K65 to the new fully-automatic T800/K800 touch screens, from the T45 through to the T142 MBO folding machine, from the Palamides BA700 to the Palamides Delta 503/703, from Herzog and Heymann folding and mailing equipment to Hunkeler mailers.

With their wide-ranging experience you can rely on APR Solutions Ltd to provide the right resolution to all your machine maintenance concerns .

Customised Solutions

APR Solutions Ltd offer customised belt fabrication so that you get exactly what you need to run your business efficiently and reliably .

They offer custom belt fabrication for machine tapes and polycord (flat & round), skived belts and quick melt, stitchers and other related equipment at highly competitive prices.

APR Solutions Ltd are suppliers of NITTA BELTS AND TAPES.


With many companies struggling to recruit and retain skilled operators in the finishing sector, APR Solutions Ltd can help by providing high quality, professionally training for your staff.

We can offer customised training packages on site, for your employees .

Professional training from the experts at APR Solutions Ltd will increase operator knowledge and productivity and will ensure that your staff, your machines and your equipment are delivering to their full potential.

APR Solutions Ltd offer sector-specific services to help customers achieve optimal production from their people and their machines, enabling them to meet marketing goals and secure competitive advantage.

APR Solutions Ltd look forward to working with you.

All our work is fully insured with public liability insurance and public indemnity insurance.